Permanently Delete A Digital Name

If you do not want to renew your Digital Name, you have the option to permanently delete your Digital Name. 

Once you delete it, it can not be restored without repurchasing the Digital name if the name is still available.

There isn't any refunds given when you choose to delete your Digital Name. This will only stop all future yearly billings. 

Follow the instructions below to guide you through the process

  1. Log into your account

     2. In the Digital Names Control panel, click on the green login here button

    3. On the left side, click on the services, scroll down until you see my services, click on my services

    4. Find the Digital Name that you want deleted, click on the Digital Name

    5. Click on the Red Request Cancellation Button

    6. Briefly type in a reason, and then click on Red Request Cancellation 

You have successfully deleted the Digital Name. This will stop all future billings of the Digital Name.

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