Adding Digital Name API to an existing account

If you have previously purchased a Digital Name and wish to add the Read and Write API or the Read Only API. You may do so by logging into your Client Area and purchasing them by clicking on the green buttons.Then click the Continue button to proceed to the Review & Checkout page


Then enter the Service Name you will be using and the Reason for the API Access. 


 Then proceed to the Review and Checkout page. Click on the green check out button and enter your personal information on the following page. Click on the Services box and the next page will show your Products and Services where you will see your API Addon. 


Click on the API Product and it will take you to the Manage Product page. Here you can also upgrade to Read & Write Access if you only purchased Read Only API.


Next click the Digital Names Control Panel and you will see the box with the Digital Names API Key.

Click the box and you will be directed to the Digital Names API Control Panel. Where you will see the API Special Key, Public URL, API Stats, Credits, as well as the API Command Codes. 


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