Do I need a Private API Server?

Our Private API Servers are designed to give our API customers the ability to interact directly with the Digital Names system.

Having a dedicated server will ensure the highest security for your transactions, as the access will be limited to only your applications. The speed  of your transactions will be much higher due to the fact that other customers will be using their own servers to not cause a bottleneck in posting API calls.

If you needs are to only retrieve and use public data from the Digital Names API system, we do not suggest using a Private API Server. Unless if you answer "Yes" to any of the following questions, you will benefit from a Private API Server.

  1.  Does your API usage plans include the ability need to add new digital names or modify digital name data?
  2.  Does your API usage plans include the ability need to add  modify digital name data?
  3.  Will your application will require the highest possible transaction rates?
  4.  Will your application have the need to utilize a private crypto currency we do not publicly support.?

View our Private Dedicated API servers here:

Write access does require the use of a private API server for your security and the integrity of the network as we can limite only your application to have access to the API Server, preventing unwanted API calls.

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